Insyte Retail Pair RJ45 to Pigtail BNC MP Video Balun


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Single-channel passive video balun enables full motion video transmission and power transmission over UTP up to 2,000’, or 3,000’ if used with an active receiver. With passive receiver: Standard resolution: up to 2,000’ (600m); HD-TVI 720P/1080P: up to 820’(250m); AHD 720P: up to 1,148’ (350m)/ 1080P: up to 650’ (200m); HD-CVI 720P: up to 1,000’ (300m)/1080P: up to 820’ (250m); AHD/HD-CVI/TVI 3MP/4MP/5MP: up to 650’; AHD/HD-CVI/ TVI 4K/8MP: up to 328’ (100m). No power required. Easy installation. One pair per package.

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